Lingerie Is A Confidence Booster

My friend who interns for Playboy invited me to the annual “Lingerie Party”, a chance for the employees of Playboy to mix and mingle with the models. You can imagine my excitement. I have never been invited to such a big event before, let alone one with playmates. This was my chance! If I looked good enough, perhaps I could impress bossman and would be awarded with a job as a file-clerk at the headquarters, or better yet, my very own center-fold in the next issue. But what would I wear? And how could I compete with these six-foot, boobacious, leggy blonds? I am a mere 5 feet and four inches tall, with a chest as flat as the cornfields in Iowa.

So I set out on my quest to find the most flattering lingerie I could. It needed to hug me in all the right places, and emphasize what little assetts I had. I was enthralled by all of the choices. Lingerie is so much more than your typical bra and panty set. There are baby doll designs which are especially flattering for those without perfectly sculpted abs. They resemble a longer tank top, hugging the breasts and getting loser further down, flaring out right under the the booty. The chemise, I learned, is similar, but a little bit longer. The best part about these two styles is that they usually come with a g-string or thong to really emphasize the curviture of the buttocks. I moved onto to more belly-baring styles. I found “teddies” that resebled a one-piece bathing suit. They had all sorts of fancy cut-outs and knick knacks that invoked my wildest dreams. The choices were endless, from push up bras that miraculously created cleavage, to the bustier that shrinks the waist. I particulary appreciated the accessories: Garter belts, stockings, and lacy robes and sexy ways to cover up.

I arrived at the party feeling pretty. I managed to put myself together quite nicely, and I thought I was for sure to make a lasting impression. I saw a playmate to my left, and thought “bring it on, blondie.” It was the middle of winter and I was looking around for the coat check. And while I was loooking around, I noticed that nobody, except the models, where wearing lingerie. How silly of me to think that the office party would be bare-all lingerie party for the middle aged employees of Playboy magazine! I took this all with a grain of salt, hugged my coat around me, and proceeded into the party. But what do you know! My sexy lingerie underneath brought about a confidence and swagger that I did not know I had. Although nobody else in the party knew what I had on underneath, I certainly did, and this alone was enough encouragement for me to introduce myself to the editor and to the playmates with poise and a cool assurance only a vixon could possess.

Why Buy Bali Bras

Bali bras make the perfect everyday bra. Bali bras are best known for being comfortable and supportive enough to be the bra you want to wear every day under your clothes.

One style of the Bali bra, the Passion for Comfort Minimizer bra, is made of nylon and spandex so it is comfortable and extremely wearable for long periods of time. The material will fit on you look another layer of skin. This bra is perfect for women who need extra support because they have bigger busts. This bali bra can bring you down an entire cup size for a sleek look under your blouse. This bra is fully adjustable and has comfortable adjustable straps to get the best fit for you. You can customize this bra to make your clothes fall perfectly on your body.

The Smooth Indulgence bali bras does not have a thick underwire like most bras. Actually, it is the wireless cup on this bali bra that makes this bra so comfortable. This bra looks good under different style tops, whether it is a casual t-shirt or a silk blouse. There is no poking underwire and it makes for a smooth and effortless look. You will not be able to see any traces of the bra through your clothes.

Bali bras are notorious for their comfort due to their wide supportive straps and comfortable and shaping wireless cups. The shaping sides and sturdy backs of the bra will keep your figure from any unsightly bulges, making any tight clothing look slimming and flattering.

Bali Bras Lingerie

Bali is a lingerie company that has been around since the 1920’s. Over the years, they have perfected their craft and created bali bras. Bali bras for women are known to be exceptionally comfortable and supportive, as well as attractive. They are crafted to be beautiful, yet useful so that they look and feel good.

Bali bras cover and support women’s breasts. The variety of styles allows each women to find the perfect bra for her shape and figure. Some bali bras provide support with adjustable straps and backing. Other bali bras specialize in lifting and enhancing women’s breasts to look spectacular underneath her clothes. These bras offer many possibilities for women looking to shape her breasts. Whether a woman is looking to enlarge and enhance, or minimize and reduce already large breasts, bali bras offer many styles that can accomplish these tasks.

Slinky Stretch Knit Halter Gown

Casually elegant, this seductive halter gown is made of soft stretch knit fabric with delicate stretch lace trim. Gown has a sexy and supportive halter neck closure and adjustable lace up ribbon back with a full long skirt. Available in black or berry.

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